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Summer Band

What Is Summer Band

Summer Band is our preparation for the upcoming school year. Much like a sports team, summer band is our training camp for band. All students who wish to be members of the Rowlett High School band program are required to attend all summer band rehearsals. The Summer Band schedule for the Rowlett Mighty Eagle Band can be found on our calendar and listed below. All students who want to be considered for a spot in the marching show are required to attend all summer band rehearsals. We ask that parents do not schedule any family vacations during the summer band rehearsal days. Every one of these rehearsals are VERY important. During these rehearsals, the band members will learn the basics of marching, fundamental training on their instrument, all stand tunes and drill team tunes for the year, music to our marching show, and the marching show drill. Missing any rehearsal will cause a student to be severely behind and unprepared for the upcoming marching band season. So it is vital that we have 100% attendance during these days.


June Kickoff Camp

For Freshman, this will be your first introduction to our band program. As soon as the school year ends for your 8th grade year, you will begin practicing with the Mighty Eagle Band in June. Our June camp is our kickoff camp for freshman and it is geared to help freshmen learn the very basics of marching band. It is extremely important that ALL incoming freshmen attend every one of these rehearsals.

July / August Summer Band Camp

The July and August Summer Band Camp is for ALL members of the Mighty Eagle Band including Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, and Color Guard. During this camp, all members will continue to learn basic marching and playing fundamentals along with all stand tunes, marching show music, and marching show drill. Again, all members must attend ALL rehearsals in order to be considered for a spot in the marching show. Please do NOT schedule any family vacations during this time. 


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