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Welcome to the Mighty Eagle Band!

Learn about who, what, and why we band together!

Who Are We

The Rowlett High School band is the largest organization on campus with a marching band, 4 concert bands, 2 jazz bands, and color guard/winter guard. The RHS Band has enjoyed 20 plus years of growth and success in all musical endeavors. Students in the band are also members of many other clubs, organizations and sports teams on and off campus. Being a member of the RHS band means you will receive a well-rounded education and surround yourself with others who share a passion for music! We are the MEB (Mighty Eagle Band)


Marching Band - UIL Region, Area, and State Performances

All-Region Members 2016 - 36 Students

All-Area 2016 - 9 students

Solo and Ensemble - 109 First Division Medals

Concert Bands - Consistent first divisions with Wind Symphony, Honors, and 

Symphonic Band

Jazz Bands - Active concerts and contests including the 2016 TCU Jazz 

Festival 6A Champion

Texas Bandmasters Association Exemplary Band Program Award 2016

Why Join The Rowlett MEB

  • Be a part of the largest organization at RHS

  • Be a part of success

  • Instant friendships in a family environment

  • Positive musical experience

  • Earn your PE credit and Performing Arts credit


Consider these little nuggets from a Harris poll showing how more musically inclined kids tend to also go farther in education:

  • 65 % of those with a high school education participated in a music program

  • That figure climbs to 86% for college graduates

  • It reaches nearly 90% for post graduates

  • And if income matters to you, note that 83% of people earning $150,000 or more per year participated in school music programs.

More About Our Ensembles

Concert Bands

The concert bands give a variety of concert and contest performances each year performing in many wonderful concert halls. The concert bands also travel each spring on a three to four night contest trip to a different destination each year. Destinations have included Chicago, New Orleans, San Antonia, Corpus Cristi, and we have future plans to visit places like Branson, Los Angeles, and Orlando Fl. 

Marching Band

Everyone in the band program is automatically a member of the marching band and will have the opportunity to earn a spot in next year’s show! The marching band performs at all varsity football games and takes part in three to four marching band contests each season. The Rowlett Mighty Eagle Marching Band is the premiere marching ensemble at Rowlett consisting of approximately 270 members in all four grades. The MEB Marching Band performs at halftime of all football games. Additionally, the MEB regularly participates in local marching festivals and UIL Region and Area marching conctests. 


  • You earn a grade as well as Fine Arts, PE and elective credits for participation.

  • You can also earn your Varsity Letter Jacket in band!

Jazz Bands

The Rowlett Jazz Ensembles is one of the more popular concert groups in the Rowlett Band Program.  We have two jazz ensembles at Rowlett. Jazz Ensemble 1 meets during school while Jazz Ensemble 2 meets after school. The twenty four piece ensembles are open to saxophone, trombone, trumpet, and rhythm section that includes drumset, piano, bass and rhythm guitar. The students in the jazz ensembles perform the music of the foremost big band composers, past and present.  Through listening to recordings, critiquing, analyzing, discussion and application, students learn a variety of jazz styles found within this genre.

Color Guard

Our award winning Color Guard is made up of musicians and non-musicians. Membership to the color guard is by audition only and is open to non-band members only. The purpose of color guard is to provide visual and musical color along with overall general effect to marching shows in the marching band. During the fall, the color guard performs with the Rowlett High School Marching Band during halftime in football games and various competitions around the State of Texas. The color guard are the dancers on the field, the gorgeous color in the show, and the essence of visual beauty. The guard uses many types of equipment, including flags, sabers, and props. The ladies also wear elaborate costumes for the shows the band performs. The guard is heavily dance oriented and uses several varieties of dance, including ballet, jazz, and modern styles. 



Tuesday, May 1 at 7:00pm in the RHS Auditorium


Saturday, April 28


**Audition music will be available on the 

GISD Fine Arts website in early April**


While students audition, parents will register their child into the Rowlett  Band Program in the cafeteria


Flute / Trumpets
9:00 AM to 10:30 AM


Clarinet / French Horn
10:30 AM to 12:00 PM


Saxophone / Trombones
1:15 PM to 2:45 PM


Oboe / Bassoon / Bass Clarinet / Euphonium / Tuba
2:45PM to 4:15 PM


Color Guard / Percussion
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Dates and Times - TBD


Dates and Times - TBD

Please visit http://rowlettguard.wixsite.com/rowlettguard for more information about joining the color guard and sign up online for auditions.



Percussion and Color Guard Only

  • July 23-26 - 8:00AM to 4PM

ALL Rowlett Band and Guard Members

  • July 30 - August 3 - Band Training Camp - Times TBD

  • August 6 - August 10 - Band Training Camp - Times TBD

  • August 13 - August 17 - Band Training Camp - Times TBD

  • August 20 - August 24 - Band Training Camp - Times TBD

Frequently Asked Questions about high school band.....


1. Can my child handle marching band and academics?

Yes. Marching season builds not only a great work ethic but great time management skills. Marching band is definitely a time commitment but the rewards and skills learned are many and lifelong. The average band student will maintain a higher grade point average during marching season than at any other time of the year. It is at the end of marching season when you must be very careful. Students suddenly end up with agreat deal of extra time on their hands and tend not to use it wisely. Seek out a parent of an older band student to gain valuable insight into the management of marching band, academics and time Remember…band students are among the highest academic achievers at Rowlett High School!


2. Can I do band and athletics?


Yes. The coaching and band staffs work very well together to accommodate students and most school activities. There are a number of band students who are involved in athletic sports like football, volleyball, baseball, basketball, wrestling, tennis, soccer, softball, bowling, track and cross country. Coordination, communication, and flexibility are necessary to make this work. Don’t forget that marching band does fulfill your P.E. credit!


3. Is marching band physically challenging?


Yes. Marching band is physically challenging and you will sweat. However you need no prior experience to learn. The act of learning to march can be physically awkward in the beginning but becomes a more natural physical activity over time. Remember…every ninth grader will be starting with the same level of experience and knowledge and will have the same reservations that you do.


4. Does my student have to be in marching band?


Yes. Our curriculum does not include a performing group for non-marchers in the Fall semester. All students will have the opportunity to participate at some level with the exception of some band students whoparticipate with Fall semester sports that directly conflict with the band schedule. We will work with you!


5. What kind of commitment is my student making for marching band?


In order to march in the fall show (“show” is the term the band uses for the performance at half-time on Friday night), a student must participate in the following:


  • June Kickoff camp held at Rowlett High School

  • August band camp held at Rowlett High School

  • Marching band practice during school on Mondays through Thursdays practices (3:30 PM to 5:30 PM)

  • Students must also be enrolled in band class during school. In addition to performing half-time at the football games, marching band members participate in at least 3 to 4 all day competitions each fall. Report times for band events vary and will be announced to the students as the season continues. 


6. Can parents volunteer to help the band?


The Rowlett HS Band Boosters are ALWAYS in need of volunteers! If you have not registered on our website, please do so right now. The site also has lots of volunteer and contact information. You can contact any board member from our website and send them an e-mail.


7. How much money does it cost to be in the band?


That depends on the level of participation of your student. Each student is required to purchase band shoes, band shirts, a flip folder and a few other supplies. There is a fee to cover expenses not paid for by GISD. We are conscientious of your money and keep our costs down as much as possible. You must also purchase or rent a quality instrument to play in the band. Some instruments like the euphonium, tuba, french horn, oboe, bassoon, tenor sax, and baritone sax are rented from the school for $75 per year ($100 for two). Many expenses associated with supplies and uniform accessories will be one time purchases.


8. Are students required to attend all events?


Students are required to attend all events on the band calendar that pertain to them. In some instances academic eligibility will not allow students to attend some events. We make every effort to inform parents about all band activities. Please make sure to utilize our web site


9. Does my student need to audition to be in band?


Band members only need to sign up for band class on their class selection sheet to be “in”! Students will be placed in one of the 4 bands based on auditions with the high school band directors.

10. Who should I contact if I have questions?


Start with Mr. Ruangtip at SARuangt@garlandisd.net​


So what do we do now?

  • Watch the practices when you get a chance.

  • Support your child.

  • Participate in our fund-raisers!

  • Get ready for an exciting 4 years as a Rowlett HS Band parent!